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Singer - Songwriter - Vocal Teacher

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Let Me Go
Cheek to Cheek
Look in my eyes
A Week Together
White Christmas (EP)
Space by False Pocket

Daniela is a versatile, Italian-Argentinian singer - her repertoire includes jazz standards, RnB, soul, pop and songs in Italian and Spanish. She grew up in and performed in many countries, including the USA, Ireland, Chile, Greece, Spain, Argentina and Italy.


In 2012, she attained credits at Berklee College of Music, whilst studying full time in Emerson College. During this time, Daniela also released her first album Space with her first band, False Pocket. Her vocal influences include Lalah Hathaway, Lianne La Havas, Erykah Badu, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse. In the past two years, Daniela has released her first 3 singles A Week Together, Look in My Eyes and Let Me Go, created in collaboration with Konstantin Khazanovich, artist and producer from St.Petersburg, Russia. 


Daniela Fanelli has also worked with top level musicians including Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra lead by Kirill Bubyakin, Konstantin Khazanovich Quartet, Dmitry Semenischev Quartet, Dizzy Dutch Duck, Sergei Shiskov Quartet, Jazz Classic Trio, Yuri Bogatirev, and other talented musicians. Daniela has performed on world-famous stages including St.Petersburg’ Jazz Philharmonic Hall, ESSE Jazz Club, Berklee Performance Centre, New Alexandrinsky Stage, The Russian Museum, White Hall, JFC and many others. She has participated in festivals such as LenMost, BigJam Festival, Usadba Jazz, Nebesa Festival and PetroJazz festival. In 2021, Daniela was awarded 1st place in the +23 category of Lanote International Jazz Competition.

Having completed an 8 month opera singing course at Elena Obraztsova Academy in 2020, Daniela is continuing her opera studies in order to increase her versatility and improve her vocal technique. On stage, she  is always in active conversation with the audience and all musicians on stage to create fun improvisations and a communicative performance. Her charming vocal style and persona is best enjoyed live!

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  • Instagram
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